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In competitive racing, you can’t leave anything to chance. The proper setup using quality hi-performance parts is the only way to ensure that the time you spend setting up your vehicle is not wasted. Why spend a ton of money on a new engine that could fuel a rocket to the moon, and then turnaround and buy an old rusted out rear end that is probably going blow up in the water box? Doesn’t make much sense. At Moser Engineering, only the best materials are used when producing our 9” Housings. Our heavy-duty banjos are reinforced in critical stress-point areas, thickened up considerably when compared to its’ OEM counterpart. New, seamless housing tube is essential in assuring ultimate housing strength, which our 3” in diameter tubing is not only seamless, but also a 1⁄4” thick. We also use newly stamped high-strength brackets that are considerably thicker than used OEM brackets. Included with each housing produced are newly forged housing ends, as well as new bushings. Call today and step-up to the best 9” housing available.

9” Bolt-In Housing - GM ‘F’ Body
1982 & Up Camaro, Trans-Am (with torque arm braket)

9” Bolt-In Housing - GM ‘G’ Body
1978-87 Grand National, Cutlass, GTO, Grand Prix, Chevelle

9” Bolt-In Housing - GM ‘A’ Body
1964-72, 73-77 Chevelle, Cutlass, GTO, Monte Carlo

9” Bolt-In Housing - GM Mono-Leaf & Multi-Leaf
1962-67, 68-76 Nova, 1967-69, 70-81 Camaro

9” Bolt-In Housing - Fox Body Ford
1979-UP Mustang, Capri, T-Bird

9” Bolt-In Housing - 1959-’64 Full Size Chevy

9” Bolt-In Housing - 1955-’

9” Ford Bare Housing

Mustang Housing 2005-2006







Bolt-In 9" Ford Housings




2005-Newer Mustang





Mustangs (1979-2004) and Fox Body Fords




Mustang Housing (2005-2006)





GM 'A' Body





GM 'G' Body





GM 'F' Body NO torque arm





GM 'F' Body (with torque arm bracket)





1959-1964 Full Size Chevy





GM Mono-leaf & Multi-Leaf




1955-1957 Chevy





*9" Ford Bolt-In Housings include new, heavy duty housing cores, seamless steel tubing (3" OD, 1/4" wall), new brackets and new housing ends.










Most Housing Types




Mustangs (1979-2004) and Fox Body Fords



GM 'A' Body



GM 'G' Body



GM 'F' Body NO torque arm



1959-1964 Full Size Chevy



GM Mono-leaf & Multi-Leaf



1955-1957 Chevy




GM 'F' Body (with torque arm bracket) & 2005-Newer Mustang




*9" Ford Bolt-In Packages include new, heavy duty housing cores, seamless steel tubing (3" OD, 1/4" wall), new brackets and new housing ends, Custom Alloy Axles, wheel bearings, standard size wheel studs, and retainer plates.


Moser Axles Street / Strip (C-Clip Style)
10 bolt 7 1/2"  10 bolt 8.2"  10 bolt 8 1/2" 
12 bolt car or truck   8.8 Ford Mustang

$255 pair    Studs $20 extra & up 

Moser Race Axles (Bolt In) 
9" Ford - 8.8 Ford - Dana 60 - 10 or 12 Bolt Car or Truck
$339 pair (bare) Studs $20 extra & up

Moser Race Axle Package
9" Ford - 8.8 Ford - Dana 60 - 10 or 12 Bolt Car or Truck
Kit contains: race axles, bearings & retainer plates, 
7/16" or 1/2" long studs & Moser lightweight spool
$640 Kit

12 Bolt for 82 & up F - Body Camaro & Trans-Am 

Includes NEW! 12 Bolt Housing, M/E Custom Alloy Bolt in Axles, Bearing Package, Eaton Posi Unit 30 spline, Pro Street Gears, Pinion Yoke, Set Up Kit, Chrome Cover, Set Up complete less brakes.
$2199.00 ea.
Upgrade to Eaton Posi 33 Spline 
Add $225
Upgrade to T/A Cover
Add $135
Set up for 3 or 4 Channel ABS
Add $175 ea.

9" Ford Camaro or Trans Am

 '82-up With a Moser Bolt-In 9" housing
 Bolt-in 9" Housings are made with:
NEW! Heavy Duty housing , seamless steel tubing
(3-1/4" O.D. 1/4" Wall), new brackets and new bushings.
(w/ torque arm bracket)
Moser Rear end Package Includes
HD housing M/E axles, bearings,
1/2" or 7/16" studs, and HD retainer plates.
$999.00 ea. 
add $175.00 for ABS at axle only!

 These housings come with new ends so
You can use your Factory Disc Brakes $70.00 option 


3rd Member package add $949.00 & up 

Need a package deal? Our bolt-in housings can be provided with Moser Engineering Custom Alloy Axles (31, 33 or 35 spline), bearings, studs, and heavy-duty retainers installed. Rear end specifications may vary, so call today and talk to one of our friendly and qualified sales technicians.

Part # Description Price
7H9CH GM "A" Body Housing $519/ea
7H9FBNT GM "F" Body Housing NO Torque Arm Brkt $519/ea
7H9FBT GM "F" Body Housing WITH Torque Arm Brkt $629/ea
7H9GN GM "G" Body Housing $519/ea
7H9LG GM Laguna Housing $519/ea
7H9LS GM Mono-leaf & Multi-leaf Housing $519/ea
7H9MU Mustang / Fox Body Ford Housing $519/ea
BP9HP1 Bolt-In Package - Most Types $879/pkg
BP9HP2 Bolt-In Package - "F" Body WITH Torque Arm Brkt $979/pkg


If you’re not looking for a complete 12 Bolt and feel like tackling your own differential setup, try our housing and axle package. The package includes a Moser newly cast nodular iron housing, Custom Alloy Axles (30 or 33 spline), ball bearings, up to 1/2” studs and heavy duty retainer plates.

C - clip eliminators $145 set

 Performance Yokes
8.8 - 9" Ford 28 or 35 spline
12 Bolt Chevy 
 8 3/4 Mopar
Dana 60  29 spline
All Yokes
   $145.00 ea.

 Moser Liteweight Full Spools
10 & 12 Bolt Chevy   30 and 33 Spline
8.8 Ford   31 & 33 Spline
  9" Ford   31-33-35-40 Spline
 8 3/4 Mopar    35 Spline
 Dana 60 35 Spline
$210 ea.

Nodular Iron Cases 9" Ford   $329.00 ea.

9" Ford Pinion Supports - All   $119.00 ea.

Performance T/A type Rear End Covers   $149.00 ea.

Back Brace 9" Ford  $99.00 ea.

New & Used Housing Ends - when available on used  $35.00 set & up

 We narrow Rear end Housings  $150 ea. & up

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