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MSD's 8 mm  & 8.5 mmSuper Conductor Wire is the best performance wire available. From the copper alloy conductor to the heavy duty boots, the MSD 8.5mm is engineered to outperform any & all plug wires. Factory wires usually have over 3,000 ohms per foot of resistance while the MSD 8.5mm wires has less than 50 ohms! That means more spark energy makes it to the spark plug gap and more power. MSD's custom wire sets are test fitted & are equipped with any special boots that the factory may offer along with MSD's heavy duty boots & Dual Crimp Terminals on the other side. 

$59 ea. & up
The Blaster-2 High Performance Coil is a metal canister, oil filled coil that has specially designed windings to make it perfect for use with the MSD 5, 6, and 7 Series Ignitions or any stock points or electronic ignition. The windings allow you to get the most voltage possible from your ignition. The Blaster-2 uses an alkyd top to prevent arcing between the terminals. The #121-8203 and #121-8200 coil comes with a Blaster Power Tower, a special boot and terminal, and a 0.8 ohm ballast resistor.

$38 ea.




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