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Big or Small Block Mopar
 Shaft Mounted Spring Compressor 

This a new Proform Heavy-duty shaft mounted spring compressor makes removing valve springs a snap while the cylinder heads are still on the engine. Bolt the tool shaft in lieu of the rocker shaft, place the feet over retainer, put the handle on and pull down. Affordable and easy to use! These will work with B1 heads and will also fit mopar performance heads. 
$65 ea.

eBay Motors Mopar Valve Spring Compressor 340 440 Change On Heads A (item 120083816588 end time Feb-15-07 184900 PST) 9" Degree Wheel  $19.00 ea.


 Easily check engine oil pressure on your domestic or foreign auto with the Proform Oil Pressure tester. Each tester features 0 - 100 PSI and 0 - 700 KPA readings with a 24" hose.
Dial Indicators $25.00 ea.
Dial Indicators w/ Stand $45.00 ea.
   Ring Filer  $38.00 ea.
Oil Pump Drive Primer

$14.00 ea.

   Height Mike  $38.00 ea.

Valve Checking Springs

  $6.00 ea.

   TDC Checking Tool  $11.00 ea.


Valve Spring Compressors

Removes and installs valve springs with the heads on or off the engine. Handles 1''-2'' diameter springs. Fits 3/8'' and 7/16'' studs.


$49.00 ea.

SBC Crank Sockets

$20.00 ea.

BBC Crank Socket

$22.00 ea.


SBC & BBC Harmonic Balancer Install Tool

$32.00 ea.

   Adjustable ring compressor  $29.00 ea
   Valve Lash Tool  $22.00 ea.
   Digtial Balance  $99.00 ea.


The universal pinion depth setting tool is used to measure the pinion depth of most automotive and truck differentials. To get the measurements, attach the tool to the machined surface in the housing and check the distance to the pinion gear. Three dial indicator extensions (2''-4'') are included for a variety of rear end types. Complete with easy-to-read instructions.

Kit  $99.00



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